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10 Must-Try Makeup Hacks to Glam Up Your Everyday Look!

10 Must-Try Makeup Hacks to Glam Up Your Everyday Look!

10 Must-Try Makeup Hacks to Glam Up Your Everyday Look!

1. Wake Up Tired Eyes with White Eyeliner

Feeling tired after a long night? Brighten up your eyes by gently applying white eyeliner along your waterline. This will make your eyes appear bigger and more awake!

2. Plump Up Your Lips with a Toothbrush

If you desire plumper lips without fillers, try gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. Finish with your favorite lip balm for a soft and luscious pout!

3. Amp Up Your Mascara with Baby Powder

Get the false-lash effect by applying a coat of mascara, followed by dusting some baby powder onto your lashes using a clean mascara wand. Seal the deal with another coat of mascara and enjoy voluminous lashes all day long!

4. Rock Flawless Foundation by Mixing Highlighter

For a dewy and glowy complexion, mix your regular foundation with a few drops of liquid highlighter. Blend it evenly before applying, and enjoy a radiant, magazine-worthy finish!

5. Achieve Perfect Winged Eyeliner Using Tape

Create sharp and symmetrical winged eyeliner by placing a small piece of tape at an angle extending from the outer corner of your eye towards your temple. Use the tape as a guide and fill in the liner as desired, then gently peel off the tape to reveal precise and glamorous wings!

6. Define Your Brows with Brow Gel and a Spoolie

Create well-defined and natural-looking eyebrows by applying a clear brow gel with an angled brush. Then, use a spoolie to comb through and evenly distribute the gel. Say goodbye to unruly brows!

7. Make Your Lipstick Last with Translucent Powder

To make your lipstick stay put all day long, follow this hack: apply your favorite color, gently place a tissue over your lips, and dust translucent powder over it. It will set your lipstick, prevent smudging and help it last extra long!

8. Transform Your Eyeshadow with White Eyeliner

To make your eyeshadow colors really POP, start by applying white eyeliner on your eyelids as a base. This primes the area and intensifies the shades you apply on top, making them appear brighter and more vibrant!

9. Add Volume to Your Lashes with a Pin

If you desire natural-looking, feathery lashes, try using a clean pin to gently separate and fluff them out after applying mascara. This simple trick will instantly give your lashes that coveted volume and dimension!

10. Snooze-Proof Your Eyelashes

Can’t skip your lash curler, even when you’re struggling to stay awake? Give it a blast of hot air from your hairdryer for a few seconds. This quick trick will make your lashes hold the curl all day, allowing you to flaunt gorgeous, wide-open eyes!

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