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10 Ingenious Ways to Tidy Up Your Living Space

10 Ingenious Ways to Tidy Up Your Living Space

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A tidy home is a happy home!

1. Use vertical storage options

Maximize your living space potential by using vertical storage options. Pinterest has plenty of unique ideas that you can use to declutter your living area. A quick search can lead you to adorable baskets, mounted shelves, and hooks to use for stylish storage solutions.

2. Hide your cords

Too many cords and cables in your living space can create eyesores and make cleaning unnecessarily difficult. Amazon has several products you can use to hide your cords, including cord covers or adhesive cord clips that attach to the back of furniture.

3. Divide and conquer with storage dividers

Storage dividers are great for separating clothes or shoes in closets, but why not repurpose those same dividers to organize other areas? Use them for stashing toiletries in the bathroom, mail on your office desk, and more.

4. Embrace multipurpose furniture

If you’re in a small space, one easy way to simplify the furnishing’s process while also creating a clutter-free atmosphere is to opt for multi-purpose furniture. Hidden storage ottoman, sofa beds that can double as makeshift beds for guests, and lift-up coffee tables designed for additional storage could all be things you can take advantage of in small living spaces.

5. Extra shelf space with bed risers

Maximize storage in small spaces by using bed risers. They work wonders to create extra storage below your bed which could be used for anything from shoes to off-season clothing items without turning your bedroom into a mess.

6. Get creative with your closets

Customized closets are fantastic, but independent closets could also be much better when decluttering a home. When you organize your closet try to combine shelving and different sized baskets to take advantage of every inch. This will create lots of extra storage space, and organizing systems will make it easier for you to keep things neat and tidy long term.

7. Adhesive storage solutions

Adhesive storage solutions could be a great alternative to using screws on your walls and around your living-room. No nail holes or the like would be required to put up a couple of adhesive shelves or wall stick-ons. These are excellent for light items like tapes and crafting materials, which are prone to clutter.

8. Simplify your bed

Don’t underestimate the satisfaction that can arise from a made bed. When you have more than adequate throw pillows and thick blankets, making your bed rug for evidence-based sleep starts to seem like a daunting task. Keep it neat and tidy with bare essentials and just enough whimsy to freshen things up.

9. Buy baskets on baskets

You can’t go wrong with baskets. With diverse sizes and shapes, they are streamlined but still create a more comprehensive sense of order. Plus, they are sitting on your shelves can give your spaces a delightfully tailored look. Additionally, you could always use the labels to create department like baskets, to make things that much more refined.

10. Have a purge party

Commit an entire day, pop some tunes, and unleash purging havoc, okay, maybe not “chaos,” but find something that prompts joy, and everything else likely was unnecessary. Divide items by “move to another house,” “offer to friends/run it through Goodwill” to help you gradually eliminate. Putting in a donation box the entire book suite you would usually only like two chapters while promising never again to clutter the house with the texts you say you will come back to one day.

Creating the perfect tidy living space can increase your quality of life immensely, achieving such a look will give you increased confidence and satisfaction. So break out the feather duster and scrub that dirt off those walls. With a little creativity and these helpful tips, you’ll be on the road to a tidy living space in no time.

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