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10 Hilarious Stand-up Comedians to Watch Now

10 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedians to Watch Now

10 Hilarious Stand-Up Comedians to Watch Now

Looking for a good laugh? Here are ten up-and-coming comedians to add to your watch-list!

1. Ally Wong

The creator of the Netflix specials “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife,” Ally Wong brings an unapologetically crude and hilarious perspective to the female Asian-American experience.

2. Trevor Noah

Host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah delivers insightful and sharp political satire with a great sense of humor.

3. Ali Siddiq

Known for his poignant storytelling and observational humor, Ali Siddiq brings a refreshing new take to the stand-up world, including subjects such as prison life and family.

4. Tom Segura

With his brutally honest and self-deprecating comedic style, Tom Segura tackles topics such as parenthood, relationships, and mental health in a relatable and hilarious manner.

5. Jo Koy

A favorite of late-night comedy shows and Netflix specials, Jo Koy’s timeless humor is infused with cultural pride and relatable family experiences that are sure to make you laugh.

6. Aparna Nancherla

Known for her smart comedic wit and dry humor, Aparna Nancherla shares stories about mental health, social anxiety, and society with a fresh perspective that never fails to entertain.

7. Dave Chappelle

Funnyman Dave Chappelle’s iconic stand-up performances are filled with raw commentary on race, politics, and society with an added dose of satire, which makes his comedy uniquely entertaining.

8. Ronny Chieng

The Malaysian comedian and “The Daily Show” correspondent, Ronny Chieng, is a leading light in Asian comedy with his fast-paced and energetic delivery as he discusses issues from race and identity to food and technology.

9. Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford’s oddball comedy style, stemming from her experiences with bipolar disorder and OCD, shows life and mental illness from a humorous, relatable perspective that you won’t forget in a hurry.

10. John Mulaney

The last but certainly not least is John Mulaney, known for his sharp writing and sarcastic style that always lands high on comedy specials and TV shows. He’s the creator of the much-loved Netflix special “Kid Gorgeous”.

Whether you like your comedy bold and blunt or kind-hearted and sincere, the ten comedians listed above have a unique and hilarious charm of their own that’s bound to make you laugh out loud. So pop on a special and get ready for some hearty belly laughs, you won’t regret it!

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