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10 Essential Slides Your Pitch Deck Can’t Do Without

Top 10 Slides Your Pitch Deck Needs

When it comes to pitching your startup idea, a well-crafted pitch deck can make a huge impact on potential investors or partners. But what exactly should be included in your pitch deck? Here are the top 10 essential slides your pitch deck can’t do without.

The Problem

The first slide should be a clear explanation of the problem your startup is addressing. This sets the stage for your solution and helps investors understand why your company is necessary.

The Solution

Spend time discussing your solution to the problem. Be clear, concise and concrete with the solution or product you present

Market Opportunity

A slide that identifies potential avenues for growth and business development should be included.. This shows investors that you understand and have identified their potential customers and unmet needs in your market. Avoid general data, try to give a concrete evidence, such as Live market examples.

Unique selling proposition (USP)

Clearly define what will set your solutions apart from the competition This will ease the confusion of investors and make them focus better

Business Model

It’s important to have your focus on the way your startup earns money. Provide a detailed and clear explanation of your business model and financial structure. 

Go-to-market strategy

Investors want to understand how a product or service will be brought to market to ensure it can start engaging with customers as soon as possible. This slide explains the entry method and strategies you intend to pursue to attract ideal customers.

Marketing and Sales Plans

Show the methods formulated to drive sales and how they will cost your startup. Include your planned key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales growth.

The Team

The management team and their credentials are more important than the idea? Investors would always prefer to put their bet on great minds that spouts champions — how experienced is your team in different phases of startups, that you sufficiently pass their litmus tests?. Be thoroughly impressing here There can be no better explanation than referencing a proven success history , past victories and any industry awards/honors. Be sure not overlook vital C-Suite Future vacancies by showing your succession plans What will the new C-Suite personnel compliment compared to the old?.


Of course investors will want to know the proposed value of your company, as estimated after market research, development planning and forecasting, it’s possible risks and resistance inline with what investors wants from their SPV.

Financial Projections

Finally, present detailed financial projections: previous and current spent capital positions; scheduled burn rate; profit and loss forecasts; sensibility analysis. Ensure these would be well interpreted and understandable even to less financial savvy investors.


We hope that our list of essential slides will inspire you to craft your very own effective and concise pitch deck. But aforementioned list should not be considered exclusives, please feel free to include interpretative variations into your proposal as necessary, especially after consulting for professional advice. Best of Luck!

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