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10 Essential Commodities for Survival in a Crisis

10 Must-Have Commodities for Surviving a Crisis

Crises can happen anytime, anywhere, and often without any kind of prior indications. They can be natural disasters or man-made calamities that leave behind a trail of disruptions and chaos. In such critical times, what one requires the most is survival. Here’s a list of ten essential commodities that can take you through the difficult times during a crisis.

1. Water

Water is considered the elixir of life, and that is precisely how important it is during a crisis. The human body can survive without food for several days, but without water, not more than three. Adequate supply of clean water is paramount to your survival, and therefore, it’s essential to get hold of storage containers and water filters.

2. Food

Food is the second most important commodity in a crisis situation. Non-perishable items such as canned goods or dried food like rice, pasta and beans are the ideal food-stuffs for emergencies. It’s even better if it’s something that doesn’t require heating, as during a power outage; it may not be possible to cook food.

3. Flashlights/Lanterns/Batteries

Power cuts are frequent during a crisis, and therefore it’s impressive to have alternative sources of lights. Flashlights, candles, battery-operated-lanterns, and extra batteries are a must-have to ensure safety and security, even in the dark hours.

4. Medical Supplies

Accidents can set in during such times, and therefore it’s essential to maintain a stock of medical supplies, which should include everything from bandages to fever medication. As medical help may not be readily available, having a medical kit stacked with necessary provisions could be a lifesaver.

5. Toiletries

Toiletries should include, but are not limited to toilet paper, hand sanitizers, soap, and shampoo. Anything that helps maintain sanitation and hygiene should be on your list. And don’t forget the menstrual items for women for the demands of those times as well.

6. Protective Gear

Gas masks, respirators, and gloves, any protective gear is valuable during a crisis. Additionally, during natural calamities, generally dust and fragments of bricks may fly around causing difficulties. Hence helmets are additionally an enormous necessity.

7. A Multi-purpose tool/knife

The possibility are high that in times of crisis, keeping an arsenal of a standard set of tools isn’t generally practical. In this manner, it is always best to have multitools on you, including items like a can opener, scissors, serrated-edge and such.

8. Communication and Identification Tools

Cell phones may fail, hence in-context of communication tools – the good ol’ radio is back to run the updates. During times of riots or protests, a person’s legal ID may be necessary in social and political vulnerabilities.

9. A Way to Keep Occupied

Trapped in confined spaces is a reality during uncertain times, to prepare for this, you may keep card games, small board games or books, puzzles, fun kitchen-gadgets ready so that you do not drown in the mundanity. Music, or podcasts on your player are things that could entertain as well, even if you don’t have electricity per say.

10. Cash?

It may appear a fortune, yet eventually, during such crises cash acts more beneficial. Keeping cash, preferably good change and in paper currency form, is simple, and perhaps the brilliant way to deal with the noteworthy segments or ends up needing resources on it short time. There may appear no chances and swarmed ATM’s couldn’t care less, there obviously remains the possibility someone else might want some sort of worth likewise.

The above-provided ten essentials for surviving a crisis are a list that will help you vigorously bump you up on the to transcend through stormy and harsh times. Overcoming every calamity and preparing the best way by packing early, and expecting the un-welcomed might get you through efficiently. Whatever circumstances be, remain composed, stay focused, and carry in some fantastic essentials!

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