Friday, November 24, 2023
Trish's Golden Buzzer awarded to unconventional dance routine.

Trish’s Golden Buzzer awarded to unconventional dance routine.

Bob Kapur, a special guest columnist for, recapped the latest episode of Canada’s Got Talent, which airs on Tuesdays on Citytv. The judges, Howie Mandel and Trish, expressed their desires to see acts with danger and emotional impact, respectively. The first three acts, including Dean Gunnarson, Xpectaculo, and Christian Mascia, stunned the judges with their death-defying stunts while incorporating fire into their performances. Magic Ben, who hailed from Kangiqsujuaq and Whitehorse, impressed the judges with his sleight-of-hand tricks and a finale involving a block of glass with Lilly’s image engraved on it. Alexis from Toronto struggled with her singing, failing to impress the judges. Evangel Omari Besong, a nervous teenager from Edmonton, Alberta, overcame his initial jitters and earned praise from the judges, including Shawn Mendes, after hitting all the right notes. Meave, a street performer discovered by Howie, wowed the judges with her Acapella version of “House of the Rising Sun.” Captain Finn and the Salty Sea Dogs, a pirate-themed folk band from London, Ontario, received an immediate two X’s and did not make it through. Married couple Kenton and Lise, who wrote their own songs about science and natural history, received three Yesses from the judges. Mr. Cuddles the Evil Octopus, a ventriloquist act involving a mutated Howie puppet, received a perfect score and advanced to the next round. Finally, Conversion, a dance troupe from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, dedicated their performance to their coach’s nine-year journey to have a child and mesmerized the judges with their perfectly executed routine and emotionally charged portrayal of an ultrasound.


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