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Top 20 Cricket Players of All Time

The Top 20 Cricket Players of All Time

Cricket is a sport well-loved by millions around the world, with superb players and admirable talents displayed in every match. Looking beyond stats, the best players make history by leaving their unforgettable impact on the game. Here are some of the top 20 cricket players of all time who have risen to legendary status.

Sir Don Bradman

Dubbed the “greatest cricketer who ever lived,” Bradman averaged 99.94 test runs and a total number of runs scored of 6996.

Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar will always live in the memory of cricket fans. He was the epitome of consistency, hoarding incredible numbers of 15,921 test and 18,426 ODI runs.

Viv Richards

Regarded as the greatest batsman ever to come out of the Caribbean, Richards had elements of elegance and power with his unnerving shot-making, scoring over 15,000 runs in international cricket.

Jack Hobbs

Hobbs oversaw cricket’s transition from traditional ways to the modern game. He represents a magical time in cricket, and there’s no adequate expression of cricket elegance and skill quite like Hobbs.

Imran Khan

Khan personified all good traits of an all-rounder. Not only was he a fast bowler and exceptional batsman, but he also captained Pakistan to their World Cup victory in 1992.

Adam Gilchrist

Gilchrist revolutionized the role of wicketkeeper/batsman. He remains Australia’s greatest-ever wicket-keeper-batsman, scoring 9,609 runs and catching close to 500 dismissals behind the stumps.

Brian Lara

Lara’s graceful yet unconstrained playing style produced unparalleled runs across two separate test doubles (400* and 375). He scored a world-record 501 in first-class cricket.

Sir Garfield Sobers

He was the pioneer of the modern all-rounder. The captain had enormous ambitions and was involved in some of the benefits derived from cricket matches. Examples are scoring 6 sixes in an over, all whilst being one of the game’s most charismatic characters.

Ricky Ponting

Captain of the Australian cricket team during the golden age of cricket and widely viewed as one of cricket’s career greats, Ponting scored over 27,000 international runs as a pure stroke-maker.

Jacques Kallis

Widely considered one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Kallis’s extraordinary feats included the second highest Test runs, the fame and thereason for his great triumphs on the field.

Wasim Akram

Akram remains the undeniable prince of swing. In addition, his rise to the top of the charts as such forced all kinds of criticisms upon him and how he straddled them was yet another demonstration of greatness.

Murtaza Muallem

Muallem – achieving the highest ever single innings in a National League match, scored 610 runs not out in a cross-border clash.

Zaheer Abbas

It’s for this effortless fluency with the bat that Abbas earns a spot on this portrayal of cricket legends. Despite playing legendary bowlers during his era, he often managed to shine with 108 history-altering tests and further distorting a Pakistani stone-hard cricket history.

Gary Sobers

By far the best batsman on tours, Gary Richardson Sobers led inerrant cricket authority throughout the year at the highest international level of cricket like no other allrounder.

Shane Warne

Warne serviced to become the best leg-spinner in cricket history. Because of his advance, critics frequently called him a simpler formula or the greatest of all bowlers.

Sanath Jayasuriya

Another versatile cricketer who shattered opening test norms. Sanath typically succeeded in the textbook way, without his story at all lost whilst doing so.

M.S. Dhoni

Under his vanguard as captain India won the World T20, the CB Series of 2007–2008 and finally over archfoes Australia in Commonwealth Bank One-Day Series in 2008–2009.

James Anderson

As one of just four bowlers to surpass 500-plus Test wickets, James spearheads the current generation of bowlers shredding records at will as He consistently returns over 50000 test wickets.

Dale Steyn

Widely considered one of the best fast bowlers of all time, Steyn combined raw pace with a ferocity second only to the great fast bowlers to have ever walked the earth, such as Michael Holding and Malcolm Marshall.

As the questions about who’s the best player to ever grace the cricketing world debates. The rule we can settle on is, those listed played solo records for other run-gatherers, stylists spell teams, and generational favourite describe baller portfolios in which they are dubbed memorable outsource complete guide to recognizing exceptional playing techniques. Do you agree or have your own list of top 20 all-time cricketers?

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