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Supreme Skills: 10 Best Ball-Handlers in the NBA Right Now!

Unleashing the NBA’s Best Ball-Handlers: Top 10 Players You Should Follow this Season!

Dribbling is perhaps the most exhilarating aspect of basketball and a feat that separates great players from the rest of the flock. Whether it’s maneuvering through traffic, executing crossovers, or breaking down defenders through behind-the-back, nothing compares to the feeling of leaving opponents in the dust.

As for this NBA season, let’s take a closer look at the top ball-handlers in the league that command the respect and admiration of fans everywhere. If you’re passionate about hoops and want to add some swagger to your game, be sure to give these standout individuals a closer look!

1. Kyrie Irving

Very few people in the league can create such separation and explosion with each dribble. These incredible moves made him a key member of Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, and probably a few other teams in the future.

2. Stephen Curry

Curry is more known for his flashy shots from the outside. Despite missing some part of a last season due to injury, he still commands attention at any given time he holds the ball. His shooting accuracy always led him to excellent fake-outs. Suppose drivers expertly rely on their dribbling skills’ reputation. In that case, Curry uses his fantastic uncontested shooting to punish those overcompensating defenders aggressively.

3. Kemba Walker

Walker has shown he especially jukes between high picks; One of pro basketball’s courted dribble-handlers has this court vision and reaction time to incorporate defenders’ reactions with unbelievable plot twists and reversals.

4. Jamal Murray

Murray is an aggressive driver despite being so similar in build to several guards. For years now, we’ve watched other players falling into getting pick-pocketed or forced out of bounds against Murray’s beautiful running movement.

5. Trae Young

A young player on the rise, the Atlanta guard prioritizes increasing his basket assists per game, even if or when teams strategize dramatically differently against him. Non-recycled offensive sequencing backed up by chain-link volume prepares defenses for impact blocking, leading more fluid driving lines.

6. Lou Williams

Williams changes offenses when stepping on the court. More consistent recovery in possession different spaces and superior defensive pressure play apart from the accuracy and craft make it apparent when he steps up in pickups.

7. Chris Paul

Paul’s get-speed-fast-as-you-get-the-enchances works well off pick and rolls. With seasoned knowledge of defenses, he can quickly switch directions and instinctually create separation and scoring shots.

8. Kemba Walker

Walker shows a metronome rhythm mixed with expert variation within typical holds and counterfeits slightly slow defenders pleasantly predict—snatching up transition chances to give fans what athleticism they most commonly view just against firm defenders unlucky caught off-guard.

9. Damian Lillard

Lillard is outrageously dependable beyond the arc. Catch n’shoots one of many excellent vantage points to stop defenders scrambling have become more prevalent for outside hustles. Even though defensive schemes flood the zone around him regularly.

10. James Harden

The reigning Male Athlete of the Year, signed now with the Houston Rockets, has mastered the art of drawing interaction and studying open team setups and weaker-performing player positions which allows improvisation additional to his moves normal baseline all high expectations.

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