Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New dad barred from flying over baby’s welfare.

New Dad’s Travel Plans Upset Wife

A new mom has taken to social media to vent about a recent marital conflict involving her husband and his love of solo travel. The wife, posting under the username “MethodSubstantial580” on Reddit, shared that her husband initially loved travelling to different countries with her. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, things changed. The couple found out that they were pregnant during the lockdowns, and the wife stated that the pregnancy was unexpected but that she had always wanted a baby. Her husband was “caught off guard” by the news and had mixed emotions.

The couple decided to keep the baby, but the husband still wanted to travel. Initially, the wife said yes because her parents had agreed to watch the baby, but now that the baby is 8 months old, she feels that her husband should stay home and be a father. However, when her husband was invited to a wedding in Taiwan by his college friend, he asked his wife for permission to go, but she refused. She felt that it was not responsible parenting to leave the baby with her parents, but her husband felt that it was safe since they had agreed to it earlier.

After the wife refused, the husband exploded and accused her of breaking a promise she made when she was pregnant. He later broke his game system out of anger, and they only communicated about baby-related matters. The wife then wondered if she was in the wrong and asked for opinions.

Reaction to the Conflict

Many people gave their thoughts on the situation, with some understanding the wife’s point of view until she mentioned taking her husband to court. Others felt that the husband was not being responsible, while some could not understand why the couple could not travel together with the baby. One commenter did not think that the wife was at fault for not feeling ready to parent solo for multiple nights or for being unwilling to leave her baby. However, they thought that the wife had an entitled attitude and that it was part of the agreement to keep the pregnancy when her husband could travel.

Expert Opinion

Fox News Digital reached out to a clinical psychologist for their opinion on the matter, but they were unavailable for comment.


The conflict between this new couple highlights the importance of communication and compromise between partners when lives change with the arrival of a new baby. It is crucial for couples to discuss their goals and plans as a family to ensure that both parents are satisfied with their roles and responsibilities as parents. Ultimately, the goal should be to work together in creating an environment where the baby can thrive and feel loved by both parents.


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