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How to travel on a shoestring & still live like a local.

Traveling on a Shoestring: Living Like a Local


Traveling is an inspiring and liberating adventure. Still, many dismiss it because they believe it is an expensive affair. However, money should not be an obstacle to pursuing your wanderlust dreams. With a little creativity, you can plan and execute an ecstatic exploration of a new place. Here’s how you can travel on a shoestring budget and still live like a local.


Couchsurfing is a budget-friendly way to experience local culture. With Couchsurfing, you can stay with a host in their home- whether it be a bed or a couch. Not only does this cut your accommodation cost, but it also helps you make friends with your host, who can guide you on prominent local attractions.

Public transportation

Buses or trains may not be glamorous compared to taxis, but it’s an excellent strategy to save more dollars for your meals and entertainment. Not only does public transportation increase your chances of interacting with locals, but different modes of transits often offer stunning views. In major cities, the subway or bus will surely get you around for a fraction of the cost of taxis, and you’ll get to feel like you’re a native in no time.

Eating Like Locals

One of the most luscious facets to experience in travel, and locals know it too! Follow service truck specialties for home-cooked meals turned into brilliant local fests, food trucks that bring global culinary to your doorstep, and stalls filled with young people excitedly waiting for their budget bites, have vegan hot dogs, fish tacos, or $1 slices of the cheapest colossal pizza in town. Not all the most colonial cultures guarantee the dishes or three elaborate street dishes may never fit, but keep exploring a little something sumptuous every day within your budget.

Hostels or Campgrounds

Hostels are a favorite between backpackers because of many divergent reasons, often because of cost, but also because they promote organic social connections during your backpacking trip. Some hostels may offer free local guided tour or dance lessons late at night or make a “staff recommendation list” chock-full of unique local gems.

If staying indoors is not tempting, then rediscover nature’s company. Camping is a budget-friendly exchange, the opportunity to connect with nature and your inner explorer, an external activity for your trek through different priceless terrains worldwide.

Public events and festivals.

Many countries host their fairs and festivals throughout the year. Travel plans could revolve to pour into the culture seamlessly. The Philippines have a delightful Pista like rice and flour cake, for the Dutch the King would celebrate the Koningsdag with herring stand and magnificent streets sales. The best part is access to most public festivities come at no cost at all!

In conclusion

Travel does not automatically have to be extravagant or difficult to be pleasing. There are accessible ways to backpack and savor cultural nourishment through budget traveling. Without having to grump nor hurt the wallet, any aspiring adventurer got all reason to advance geographical search boundary connecting with artistic individuals in turn.

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