Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Higher education enrollment increases post-pandemic.

Local Universities Witnessing Increase in Enrollment

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Local Tri-State universities are experiencing a rise in enrollment this year.

National Enrollment Decline During the Pandemic

According to the Department of Education, higher education enrollment on a national level saw a decline of 42% during the pandemic.

University of Evansville Attracts More Students

The University of Evansville (UE) and the University of Southern Indiana (USI) are witnessing higher enrollment rates.

Jill Griffin, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing at UE, credits their success to strategic efforts.

Building New Programs and Infrastructure

Griffin stated, “All the hard work we’ve put in through the pandemic and over the past few years to develop new programs, build new buildings, launch a capital campaign [designed to raise $125 million for the University] is translating to some really good results for us.”

Consistent Enrollment Growth at UE

UE, a private smaller institution, has observed a 15-20% increase in student enrollment for both this year and last.

Adapting to Students’ Needs

Griffin emphasized, “We’re trying to keep our education in line with the needs and demands that students today bring with them.”

University of Southern Indiana Implements Rolling Admissions System

USI faced a 7% decline in enrollment last year, prompting the adoption of a rolling admissions system.

Continued Acceptance of Students

Rashad Smith, Executive Director of Admissions at USI, stated that they will keep accepting students until classes officially commence, aiming to boost enrollment.

Catering to Student Interests

Smith reaffirmed, “If we don’t have what a student is interested in, as long as they know what their interest is, it can be started on campus.”

Hope for Higher Enrollment

The Department of Education predicts a 9% increase in higher education enrollment over the next decade.

UE and USI are determined to surpass this projection through their commitment to students.

Supporting Students throughout Their Journey

Smith stated, “From the time that a student is in high school as a prospective student, to enrolling, to graduation, we as a University collectively have the opportunity to help students as they’re moving through that process.”

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