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From Ramen Noodles to Diplomas: A Student’s Journey

One Student’s Journey from Surviving on Ramen Noodles to Earning Diplomas

Going through college is an exciting experience, but it comes with its shares of challenges as well. Due to the pressure, inadequate funds, and daily decisions on what to eat, surviving through college may seem hard. Some students have to survive on Ramen noodles to balance studies, rent, and even groceries. Despite the challenge, a student’s passion and hard work can lead them to graduation day, marked with multiple degrees and a successful career.

The Trials of College Life

For many college students, the experience is one with financial constraints. Tuition fees, textbooks, and extracurricular activities cancel any inclination towards luxury living. As a freshman, Rose Hannah had to deal with getting used to living on her own, dealing with personal and academic expectations, and an empty fridge bought together by savings earned selling homemade crafts.

“No meals-eat-Ramen” was a phrase Rose believed would get her by frequently skipping meals in college especially during exam season while the 25c classic noodles have come to define the life of many college students sitting on cement steps of rundown apartments ripping steamy broth away from packs.”

Ramen as a Staple Diet appeared Hopeless

Constant intake of ramen leads to malnourishment and exposure to an illuminated future flickers instead, of long-term degenerative conditions. Despite all this, Rose moved on from the struggle of financial surviving and determined to turn its lights around.

Make a Change and Keep it going with a Support System

Family, friends, opportunities for part-time online jobs opened the gates to turn the situation around through our support needed to combat the loopholes of tuition fee and tuition expenses. Invented moment by moment as Rose dedicated time allowed the memory of hunger to rise as a reminder of keeping on push during trying educational moments.

The Joy of Graduation & Beyond

Four years in Rose’s options weighed heavily recently subsidized by scholarships, alumni and societal organization. Ruth recognized students need a cheer and decided to provide through funding improved cafeteria quality, on career advice and conducting surveys to gain feedback from students. Through unpaid classes and loss of valuable key elements, armed with courage and dedication Rose explored beneficial programs such as international studies and improve minor grades.The struggles may have begun with Ramen noodles, but Rose learned to press on, push through the difficult moments, and emerge on the other side with three degrees to show for it.

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