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Bootstrapping Champions: 10 Companies That Thrived Without Investors

10 Companies That Thrived Without Investors

Evolving Goody Delivery

Evolving Goody Delivery is a tech-savvy delivery company that has been entirely self-financed in its early stages. It specializes in the delivery of food and other household essentials, using a series of algorithms that work integratively to optimize deliveries, making them faster and ensuring customer satisfaction. It currently services Lagos and can boast of having a 100% transaction completion rate on its platform.

Magnificent Mayvenn

Mayvenn is a hair extension brand that started in 2013, without access to outside funding. it was funded by the sales in Erica Banks Brown’s salon, which led her to her first social media promotion, making the company what it is today. Mayvenn has disrupted the traditional hair extension supply chain and most salons hail it as the pioneering innovation responsible for doubling sales of extensions in US hair salons.

Gorgeous Grasper

Gorgeous Grasper is a tech-based hardware movement firm that specializes in providing intuitive, interactive and tactile technological solutions that add value and new dimensions to the commercial space. Using a variety of innovative materials and techniques, Gorgeous Grasper completely reimagines hardware from the foundations up, producing outlandish products that excite the senses and intrigue customers. Bootstrapped from the ground up, it was named this decade’s Amazon for a reason.

Glorious Grofers

Grofers is e-grocery delivery startup that delivers products online from a wide range of brands in less than 90 minutes in India (Inmoria Ventures originally backed them but Invested about 12cr excluding angel through overall 2 rounds). Since its bootstrapped birth in early 2014, operating from New Delhi, they are striving hard to eliminate wastage of time and stress that comes with grocery shopping by accruing seasonal experience and fine product options over travel time included by consumers.

Bang Computer Systems

Bang Computer Systems is an innovative tech consulting company that has helped in dermining the inventories of various firms all over the world, projecting augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence as their tools add new laws/joints to whatever project they work on. Founded at the turn of the millennium, Bang Computer Systems quickly made a name for itself affordable services within the Indian IT industry using open-source software instead of customized enterprise software.

Blissful Brew Biscuits

Blissful Brew Biscuits specializes in crafting heavily flavour and potency teas and coffees that have captured relative market shares in the West Coast of America notwithstanding its bootstrapping. Each cup or bag contains specially expertly blended recipe, it’s now widely regarded as the new in-house favourite dispelling the quick-dissolving, tasty sugar-filled rubby-dubby recipes from its competitors.


Afrocenchix is a UK-based natural hair care brand that beauty enthusiasts with afro tailored products. Jacqualine and Rachael are the twins disruptors that founded it to breed a top-rated natural and restorative standard of black hair and skin care as shown in their commitment to all-natural materials and outstanding in-house research findings


Clearedom is a product that focuses on eliminating the use of harmful oven and bathtub cleaners found in the homes of several Americans for two years by probably softening and using intentional scents instead. With Clearedom, a sterling scent accompanied by deeper cleanliness attracted scores more Americans to ditch their homes with blemishes inviting buyers through a digital “freemium” model to success on-the-go with no investment.

Rohini Elegala

Rohini Elegala is an Indian film studio company founded in the American style, becoming the source of fresh talents, music and motion picture innovations in Indian film markets via ads (promoted through bitly across platforms) ran purely during bootstrapping (find this a few words too technical). Now invests primarily in creating profits which enable continued civic giving while driving home dramatic blockbuster movie premieres.

NibMor Honorable Mention

The Bootstrapping Champions: 10 Companies That Thrived Without Investors wouldn’t be complete with NibMor. NibMor is a health-conscious brand that is insanely dedicated to delivering chocolate creation that contains natural ingredients all of the time thus earning the brand its place on the Healthy Chocolate Showcase for its healthy perfection display which received recognition as a chocolate they gave away to the 2019 Oscars nominees. Needless to say, rapid success has attended their genuine promise to halt the junk; the chocolate gap rooted in America.

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