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7 Cancer Myths Debunked: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

7 Cancer Myths Debunked: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known to man, responsible for more than 6 million deaths every year. Despite the fact that great strides have been made in cancer research, myths and misunderstandings about this disease continue to exist. Misconceptions can lead to misunderstanding, fear and ultimately a failure to detect or treat cancer. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 most common myths regarding this devastating disease.

Myth #1: Cancer is a Death Sentence

This is by far one of the most common myths that surround cancer. However, with the progress made in cancer research, the survival rates have drastically improved over the years. The majority of people with cancer, when diagnosed early, can beat the disease or at least live with it as a chronic illness.

Myth #2: Alternative Medicine Can Cure Cancer

While alternative medicine may be able to help treat side effects or relax the emotional state of those going through treatment for cancer, it can’t cure or replace conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

Myth #3: Only Women Can Get Breast Cancer

Although everybody has breast tissues in their chest area, breast cancer is often associated with women. Men, however, do develop breast cancer too; albeit at a significantly lower frequency than women.

Myth #4: Cancer is Contagious

Thankfully, cancer isn’t infectious as it arises from an abnormal growth of cells in the body. Healthy individuals should not fear catching cancer from someone who already has the disease. However, some viruses like hepatitis C have the potential to increase one’s risk of developing certain cancers.

Myth #5: A Lump in the Breast Means It’s Cancer

While a lump could be a sign of cancer, there are many other explanations other than cancer, and only a proper examination by a doctor can confirm a cancer diagnosis.

Myth #6: Cancer is Always Caused by Genetics

While family history can certainly be a factor, environmental causes (such as lifestyle choices, exposure to radiation or pollution) play a crucial role in a developing cancer diagnosis. Therefore, when it comes to cancer, a healthy lifestyle is crucial to minimize risk factors.

Myth #7: Superfoods Can Prevent Cancer

The term “superfood” is often thrown around to promote the cancer-fighting powers of certain fruits, vegetables, or supplements. While bad eating habits and excessive drinking habits may slightly increase the risk of developing cancer, healthy eating alone — even with “superfoods” — will not completely eliminate the risk factor associated with developing cancer.

Don’t Believe the Myths! Be Vigilant, Stay Hopeful in the Cancer Fight!

Finally, each person’s diagnosis and path to recovery are unique, which is why debunking cancer myths is so essential to help more people receive accurate information, appropriate treatment and the greatest chance for beating the disease. Be realistic, proactive and cherish hope as well. In honor of Cancer Survivors day, we support all cancer patients today and always! Much love!

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