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10 Signs You Might Have Encountered an Alien

10 Signs You Might Have Encountered an Alien

10 Signs You Might Have Encountered an Alien

Mysterious Glowing Lights

One of the most common signs of an alien encounter is seeing unexplained and mysterious lights in the sky. If you’ve seen strange floating orbs or hovering lights that behave in ways no aircraft ever could, you might have connected with extra-terrestrial life.

Inability to Communicate

If you’re having trouble communicating with an individual- they may be an alien. Aliens might speak entirely different languages from us, or communicate in completely different ways.

Missing Time

If you have an experience where you can’t account for large portions of time missing from your memory, then this may be a classic sign that you’ve encountered aliens. You could have even been abducted for medical testing or implant insertion.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is one of the most exciting signs of encountering an alien. If you’ve stumbled upon crop circles or come face-to-face with remnants of an alien life form, then it might be automatically assuming that you’ve met extra-terrestrials.

Psychic Insight

Many abductees report feeling psychic insights after ET encounters. This includes unusual bouts of deja vu or heightened intuition. Here is something you can’t quite explain but you know your intuition is guiding you to.

Unusual Sounds

If you ever encounter unusual sounds it’s time to pay attention. Strange rattling or oscillating sounds which have no apparent source are common before and during an alien encounter.

Blackout or Loss of Control of Bodily Functions

One of the telling signs you’ve been involved with extra-terrestrial beings is blackout or a complete loss of control of your motor functions. Inconsistent movement, numb sensations or severe pain may develop later on experience, as well.

Sudden, Unexplained Emotions

A sudden change in your emotional state may cause you to believe that you’ve encountered aliens. Blissful intense state, terror, or feeling touched—these can be psychological responses to interaction with something beyond our understanding.

Unexplained Phenomena in Your Vicinity

Strange happenings in your vicinity may be a sign that you’ve had an alien encounter. Electronic instability, sudden cold or hot spots, movement wandering objects with no apparent cause, or interference of electronic devices are common—even to bystanders and sensitives alike.

Sensory Increases

Following alien encounters, some people have described their senses on hyper-drive, giving them more acute senses like intensely heightened vision, recognizing shapes, taste, hearing and smelling as well.

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