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10 Craziest Alien Conspiracies About Flying Saucers

Top 10 Craziest Alien Conspiracies About Flying Saucers

1) Roswell Crash Conspiracy

One of the most well-known conspiracies is the crash of an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Conspiracy theorists claim that the United States military covered up the crash and recovered alien bodies. Despite lack of evidence, this conspiracy remains popular and continues to be a hot topic in ufology.

2) Men in Black

Some claim that there are government agents known as Men in Black who intimidate or threaten eyewitnesses of UFO sightings. They also supposedly manipulate evidence to keep the public in the dark about extraterrestrial life.

3) Alien Abductions

People have reported being abducted by aliens, taken aboard their spacecraft, and experimented on. This conspiracy theory sparked numerous books, television shows and films.

4) Nazi UFOs

Some believe that the Nazis developed advanced technology, including flying saucers, during World War II. When the war ended, many Nazi scientists were secretly brought to the United States through Operation Paperclip to aid in the development of advanced aircraft and weaponry.

5) Underground Alien Bases

Underneath Area 51, there are rumored to be several underground bases where extraterrestrial creatures conduct experiments on human subjects. Many conspiracy theorists also allege that the U.S. government has contracted with extraterrestrial beings to exchange technology for allowing these creatures to conduct experiments on humans unknown to the public.

6) Alien Technology in Everyday Life

Many believe that traces of alien technology end up in everyday items such as computer chips or microwave ovens. According to this conspiracy theory, Governments have exchanged such technologies in return for extraterrestrial treaties.

7) Extraterrestrial Alliances with Government

Some believe that extraterrestrial beings made contact with Earth’s Governments because they have deemed humans mature enough to join a galactic federation. Those individuals believe that many governments are secretly collaborating with extraterrestrial civilizations, but keep it a secret from the general public.

8) UFOs are Time Travel Machines

As with many rumors, this conspiracy states that some UFOs do not come from far-away planets but originate from the future and are navigated by humans or advanced robot). They come back in time to study the planet more effectively and spy on the planet in different locations without being easily noticed.

9) The Moon is a Base for Aliens

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the Moon is hollow and orbiting Earth was lifted there by an extraterrestrial civilization. This so-called Moon base theory suggests that there is already a colony used by extraterrestrial beings who can switch the moon’s lighting off so as not to attract attention during operation.

10) Government is in Cahoots with Aliens

The United States Government is thought to have orchestrated total discretion to keep the presence of Aliens from human observation. Conspiracy theorists propose the United States has specific protocol for hanging on to all knowledge and techniques possessed externally from UFO sightings. The govt being rotted in aliens earns multiple points on the absurdity scale.

The Wrap-Up

In summary, it’s clear that many of the alien conspiracies about flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings may be beyond the scope of likelihood. However, what is certain is there’s a lot of interest and imagination around the unknown anomalies in UFO flights and extraterrestrial life possibilities. Share which of these theories you find acceptable or be so kind as to mention a thing or two other ludicrous conspiracy theories you are aware of!

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